Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yayo Guiridi

Hello everyone, good afternoon welcome to my blog!!
 today I am going to talk about of Yayo Guridi....

Yayo Guridi is a humorist, economist, actor and singer Argentinean, he was born in Cordoba. Yayo studied economics degree at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba during the 1980 and then practiced his profession for a short period. But he is characterized by black humor; his race to fame in 1990 comes to join the comedy show videomath.
There was one of the cartoonists who participated in the hidden cameras with segments such as the “Cuartero Obrero” or dirty jokes that surprised the victims.
Yayo is spectacular!!
Usually with my friends go together to see his jokes, we all laugh at his performance. His song are styled “cuarteto” is a style of music like “cumbia villera”
Today Yayo live in Argentina, Corboda he works as a stage actor.
Good bye everyone I hope see you soon!

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