Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yayo Guiridi

Hello everyone, good afternoon welcome to my blog!!
 today I am going to talk about of Yayo Guridi....

Yayo Guridi is a humorist, economist, actor and singer Argentinean, he was born in Cordoba. Yayo studied economics degree at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba during the 1980 and then practiced his profession for a short period. But he is characterized by black humor; his race to fame in 1990 comes to join the comedy show videomath.
There was one of the cartoonists who participated in the hidden cameras with segments such as the “Cuartero Obrero” or dirty jokes that surprised the victims.
Yayo is spectacular!!
Usually with my friends go together to see his jokes, we all laugh at his performance. His song are styled “cuarteto” is a style of music like “cumbia villera”
Today Yayo live in Argentina, Corboda he works as a stage actor.
Good bye everyone I hope see you soon!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Athletic Club Italo Nolli

Hello everybody!
Today I am going to talk about the athletic club Italo Nolli. Athletic Club Italo Nolli is a side football team, Our team was founded in 2010 in our first year of university! team members are:
- Sebastian Alvarez (goalkeeper)
- Sebastian Belmar (defender)
- Diego Anabal├│n (defender)
- Luis Morales (defender)
- Isidro Badani (defender)
- Adrian lillo (midfielder)
- Eduardo Santiba├▒ez (midfielder)
- Braulio Quiroz (midfielder)
- Boris Ruiz (forward)
- Nicolas Martinez (forward)
We are a very close group, really we are all friends! generally we studied together exams and test of the university. We play regularly once a week. the color of your shirt is red, the red of Nolli. the team name comes of Italo Nolli Olivan, man involved in the murder of two detectives during a chase that ended with the death of nolli very close to our school. really is am irony about this situation and not a tribute to Italo Nolli.
this year the team played Claudio Matte cup a prestigious tournament of side football in our school.
Athletic Club Italo Nolli will win this cup!!!
                   Good bye!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello everyone!!!  Thank for to read my blog, today I am going to write about my dog.
My pet is a dog “akita Americano” is black and white, his name is “Dante”. His parents living in San Fernando, they are two akitas very large, his mother is black and his father is grey, Dante is like his mother. Fifteen days ago fulfilled one year old and he live with my family.
He is amazing, very beautiful and loving with us, but is dangerous and aggressive to strangers. This breed has qualities of guardian and protector the house and the family. Dante plays with balls and shoes, he is very naughty.
Tomorrow, my dog going to the vet because he will have to be vaccinated, now Dante is to sleep in your house because is very lazy.
My family love Dante!!!
Good bye I hope see you soon…

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The internet

Today I going to talk about the internet:
 the internet is a very important tool in all aspect of life, as the internet helps us communicate, work, study, and many other activities. this tool over time to become irreplaceable, because many thing depend on internet, for example the security of the countries.
over time the internet has developed to become increasingly efficient for humans, but the internet has also become a useful tool influence the people and politics.
the internet through social networks can influence the decisions of the people and thus for example to determine the election of a president.
today in Chile the internet was very important in the social movement of 2011,thanks to the internet was faster mobilize large number of people.
for all this the internet is increasingly important in human life.
good bye, I going to Facebook!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Computer...

my favourite piece of technology is the computer, because it has many functions, I received my first computer in 1998,on my birthday I was spectacular, my first computer was not very modern, but I served much in this time.
now I have the new computer I take care for to play, to study, to talk, etc really I use my computer for all... (hahahahahaha).
daily I use mi computer three or four hours a day, I do not think it much? generally the weekend I played in my computer!
I like the computer because the computer can perform many diferents funtions.
I use the computer in my house, university, beach, country I can not live without a computer!
I hope the computer continues to evolve.
good bye!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The best band of all time!

Guns and Roses.
the guns and roses is and american band is the amazing band of rock the years 80' this members are axl roses (vocalist) slash (guitarist) duff mckagan (bassist) and matt sorum (baterist), axl rose is the founder that band.
this band plays hard rock I like his music because is spectacular the guitarist is amazing and axl rose has a powerful voice. my favourite song is "november rain" because is very intense and romantic. I like the piano of this song. also the video is dramatic and sad.
guns and roses but has many more song , for example sweet child o' mine, welcome to the jungle. the best disc of band is Appetite for destruction.
2012, entered the hall of fame rock and roll.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

my autobiography

Hello, my name is Luis Morales, I have 19 years old, I live in Curacavi in the country. I study public administration in Universidad de Chile, I live with my mother her name is jacqueline olmedo and my brother, Christopher Morales,I like the animals,in my house we have 3 cats and 1 dog, it's name is Dante.
I like sleep in my bed is amazing and watch television. I like the animal planet "el encanador de perros" and is very interesting and entertaining, I play tennis in university and I training soccer in Juan Gomez Milla. I like to go Gim.
my favourite food is the res beef with french fries.
i like to go to the cinema with mi sister and brother, I love the movie of action and ward, my favourite movie is "Troya".