Thursday, May 3, 2012

The internet

Today I going to talk about the internet:
 the internet is a very important tool in all aspect of life, as the internet helps us communicate, work, study, and many other activities. this tool over time to become irreplaceable, because many thing depend on internet, for example the security of the countries.
over time the internet has developed to become increasingly efficient for humans, but the internet has also become a useful tool influence the people and politics.
the internet through social networks can influence the decisions of the people and thus for example to determine the election of a president.
today in Chile the internet was very important in the social movement of 2011,thanks to the internet was faster mobilize large number of people.
for all this the internet is increasingly important in human life.
good bye, I going to Facebook!!


  1. Internet and facebook, two tools that complement... Useful.

  2. At least I do is study with internet! XD